Oral Surgery

- Remove teeth before they threaten your oral health
- Make room for future restorative or orthodontic treatment
- Avoid painful complications of impacted wisdom teeth

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Oral Surgery

Solve Dental Problems With Oral Surgery in Surprise

Having a dental problem that requires surgery can be stressful, especially when you have to rely on an outside specialist rather than your own dentist. Dr. Wendelschafer can perform oral surgery in Surprise right here in our office so you receive convenient care in a familiar, cozy setting.

When you schedule your surgical procedure at Great Smiles Dental Care, you can count on:
- High-quality work from a skilled, experienced dentist
- A well-planned procedure using advanced 3-D imaging
- Pillows, blankets, TV, and local anesthesia to ensure your comfort
- The full support of our compassionate, caring team

Trust your dental surgery to an experienced dentist who puts your oral health first. Call us today at 623-933-5749 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wendelschafer.

We Can Extract Teeth Before They Cause Trouble

Some dental practices have to refer patients to an oral surgeon to have their wisdom teeth removed or for other tooth extractions. Dr. Eric Wendelschafer can handle all extractions in-house so you don’t have to travel all over town to get your dental problem taken care of.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to keep all your natural teeth for a lifetime. Sometimes, however, extracting a tooth is the best way to either prevent a dental problem or to keep one from becoming painful and more complicated. We can also remove a tooth to relieve crowding. This can lay the foundation for orthodontics or other treatment in the future.

Here are the oral surgeries we perform at Great Smiles Dental Care:

Tooth Removal/Extractions – If you have a tooth that has been too damaged or decayed, or a tooth that is at high risk for infection, removing it may be the only way to keep your mouth healthy. Dr. Wendelschafer also places and restores dental implants, so when you visit us for a consultation, you can discuss all your options for replacing teeth after your procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – We often recommend having wisdom teeth removed if they cause overcrowding or we see potential for painful complications down the road. Most patients have their wisdom teeth removed during their late teens or early twenties, but it all depends on your specific dental health needs.

To schedule your oral surgery in Surprise, call us today at 623-933-5749, or fill out our online form.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

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