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Dental Implants in Surprise Can Rebuild Your Smile

Don’t put up with missing teeth any longer! The expert team at Great Smiles Dental Care has your solution to missing teeth – dental implants in Surprise. Dr. Wendelschafer can use these artificial teeth roots to help you in many ways, including:

Doctor Wendelschafer on Dental Implants
Dental implants are a fantastic option as a tooth replacement. If a tooth is no longer viable, no longer is working for you in your mouth, one tooth or or all of the teeth, dental implants are a root replacement or a tooth replacement that allow us to build a structure on top of that. If it's one tooth, I put in one little implant, and a crown screws onto that implant, and it looks and feels natural. If it's more than one tooth, then I have a variety of options to replace several teeth with either an implant bridge, implant dentures. You no longer have to live with missing teeth, especially in the front. But if you're starting to lose your teeth, if your teeth are getting uncomfortable or they hurt all the time, or you're fighting infections, sometimes it just becomes necessary to have the bad teeth out and to start with a new set. And I can do that here at Great Smiles.

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Teeth implants are one of the staples of our restorative dentistry services. Implants are small titanium posts that Dr. Wendelschafer will insert into your jaw where you have missing teeth. Over time, new bone will actually grow around the implants, fusing together and becoming one.

Because implants are such a sturdy and secure base, we can attach several types of replacement teeth to them. We’ll discuss your particular options in detail during your consultation, but your choices could include:

Implant-Supported Dentures – Your dentist will anchor your new teeth to a metal bar that runs along your implants. This setup makes these dentures our best-performing and most comfortable type of dentures.

If you’re ready to get your teeth back using Surprise dental implants, give Great Smiles Dental Care a call today at
623-933-5749. We’re open for both early morning and late afternoon appointments.

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