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I’m in Pain or Have Discomfort

Don’t Suffer With Dental Pain in Surprise

If your mouth is hurting, we’ll do all we can to help! There’s no need to keep suffering with oral pain, as Great Smiles Dental Care provides quick and expert help for your dental pain in Surprise. No matter what urgent smile situation you face, you can count on us to:

- Examine your mouth and take pain-relieving measures
- Help you feel better soon
- Provide care that can save your smile from further damage
- Give you tips and instructions to help prevent future dental emergencies
- Don’t keep suffering!

Call us now at 623-933-5749 to schedule an appointment so you can feel better. We’re located at 14800 W. Mountain View Blvd., Suite 200 in Surprise. We also serve nearby communities like Sun City, Peoria, El Mirage, and Youngtown.

We’ll Stop Your Oral Pain

It’s no fun when your mouth is hurting. It can be difficult to chew, talk, or even relax. Over his years of dentistry experience, Dr. Wendelschafer has helped many patients through their oral pain.

Rest assured, when you visit him and our team, your situation will be in capable hands. We’ll treat you with gentle care, plus you can take advantage of pillows, blankets, and headphones to help you relax.

Below are several types of dental pain we routinely treat, as well as important steps you should take before your appointment:

- Toothache – First rinse your mouth with warm water, then apply ice or a cold compress to the outside of your cheek to help with pain and swelling.
- Broken Tooth – Gather any broken pieces and bring them with you to your appointment. If you’re bleeding, use a small piece of gauze or a tea bag to stop it.
- Knocked-Out Tooth – Be careful not to touch the roots of the tooth. Pick it up by the crown (top part) and bring it with you to the office. Use ice to help reduce swelling and pain.
- Loose Crown – Apply a thin smear of dental cement or toothpaste to the inside surface of the crown and try to reattach it. If it won’t stay in place, avoid chewing on it until your appointment.
- Soft Tissue Injury – If your lips, cheek, gums, or tongue are bleeding, use a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding. If it doesn’t stop in a few minutes, head to the nearest emergency room or urgent treatment center.

Our team is here to help with your dental pain in Surprise. Call us now at 623-933-5749 to get an appointment as soon as possible.

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