Tooth Bonding

- Improve your smile in just one appointment
- Your repair can last for many years
- Bonding is a budget-friendly treatment

Fix Your Smile Flaws In One Visit

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Revive Your Smile Quickly With Tooth Bonding in Surprise

Minor smile imperfections don’t have to get you down, especially when there’s help available from the experts at Great Smiles Dental Care. Our team offers several cosmetic dentistry services, but one of the quickest is Surprise tooth bonding. This treatment:

Doctor Wendelschafer on Tooth Bonding
Sometimes, people really want a smile makeover. They really want just this tooth moved or this tooth bothers them, and veneers might be out of the price range at the moment. One great option is doing tooth bonding where you and I sit there in the chair, I can shape it using bonding materials, variety of colors and shades, and I make them look like the rest of the teeth where it's minimally invasive, but maximize the results with limited teeth, but dental bonding, I can make it look like something that you can be proud of.

Feel Good About Your Smile Again

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment at Great Smiles Dental Care because it allows our patients to quickly improve the look of their smiles. In just one simple appointment, you could have a brighter, more appealing smile that you can feel full confidence in. Imagine walking out of our office and ready to face the world with the smile you’ve been dreaming about!

The key to tooth bonding is the sturdy composite resin material that Dr. Wendelschafer uses. It’s the same material as our long-lasting, tooth-colored fillings, so you can rest assured that your tooth repair will last for years without any problem.

Here’s how teeth bonding works:

- Dr. Wendelschafer will carefully sculpt the composite into place, filling in cracks and gaps, repairing chips and worn teeth, and covering stains.
- Once the composite looks perfect, he will use an ultraviolet light that instantly cures and hardens the composite.
- He will then make any final adjustments so that it looks great and your bite is completely comfortable.

Pair Bonding With Other Cosmetic Treatments

Depending on your needs, you may want to explore one or more of our other cosmetic treatments:

Dental veneers can be used for more extensive repair.
Teeth whitening works great to give your whole smile a more radiant look.
Gum reshaping gently removes excess gum tissue to balance out your smile.
Invisalign straightens crooked teeth using comfortable plastic teeth aligners.

Repair your smile with Surprise tooth bonding. Call Great Smiles Dental Care today to schedule an appointment:

Common Questions About Tooth Bonding

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