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Re-Create Your Look With a Smile Makeover in Surprise

You may have been dreaming about improving your smile for a while now, but the time just never seemed right. Well, there’s no better time than now and no better place to do it than Great Smiles Dental Care. Dr. Wendelschafer has the cosmetic dentistry expertise you’re looking for to complete your Surprise smile makeover. He and our team can make it possible to:

Doctor Wendelschafer on Smile Makeover
Smile makeover is one of my favorite things to do because it's so dramatic and so quick. It's one of my greatest pleasures to sit with a patient in my office, show them some things that I have done in the past, see what it is that they're looking for to make them happy, and fulfill their desires and their smile, and to be able to plan it out.
I have the case made in wax so that they can hold it and see it and compare it to where they're currently at. Which gives them confidence, and it also allows their own input into the design of their own smile. Which is extremely gratifying for them to say, This looks fantastic. Could you make this a little longer? Heck yeah, I can. We can do whatever you want, within the parameters of successful smile makeover design. It's my favorite procedure to do. And because it is a, I feel like it's the one I'm best at delivering.

Change Your Life With a New Smile

Like it or not, our smile is one of the first things people judge us on. The rest of our appearance can be in top shape, but if our teeth are damaged, worn, or crooked, then people are sure to notice. That’s why it’s so important to have a smile you can feel totally confident in.

During your consultation, Dr. Wendelschafer and our team will work with you one-on-one, using 3-D imaging to help design your smile rehabilitation. We will even show you before and after photos so you can see what your new smile will look like before you begin treatment.

Below are a few of the cosmetic dentistry services we may use to remake your smile:

- Dental veneers will quickly conceal a number of tooth imperfections.
- Invisalign orthodontics can straighten your teeth in as few as 12 months.
- Tooth bonding can repair chips, cracks, pits, and stains in just one appointment.
- Gum reshaping uses a gentle laser to remove excess gum tissue.
- Teeth whitening will give you a brighter, more radiant smile.
- Teeth contouring will smooth away rough and uneven teeth edges.
- Crown lengthening can make short teeth appear longer and more attractive.

A Surprise smile makeover can do wonders for how you look and feel! Call us today at 623-933-5749 to schedule your consultation.

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