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Why You Should Choose A Cosmetic Dentist

Why You Should Choose A Cosmetic Dentist

Since its beginning, dentistry has been in a constant evolution that has led to different specializations. Although a general dentist is perfectly capable of performing a wide variety of procedures, including aesthetic restorations, it is highly advised to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist if you want to achieve the best results possible.  

However, there are often many doubts regarding the difference between them and what to expect from a cosmetic dentist. In this article, we will explain the pros of visiting a cosmetic dentist, what type of procedures they can perform, and what Dr. Wendelschafer can do for you and your smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Your smile and teeth are an essential part of your aesthetics. A subtle change in your teeth can make an enormous difference in the way you look. Cosmetic dentistry is in charge of fixing every aesthetic flaw you could have with your teeth and improve their appearance while making sure functionality is not affected. Dental professionals use a series of advanced techniques and high-end technology to achieve the most perfect yet natural-looking results.

Difference between a general and a cosmetic dentist

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist that continued his studies after obtaining his DDS or DMD title to specialize in aesthetic procedures. General dentists take care of your overall oral health. They can perform a wide variety of procedures such as restorations, surgeries, and endodontic treatments.

On the other hand, cosmetic dentists focus on performing high-quality procedures, especially those aimed to fix the appearance of your teeth. Although a general dentist is trained to perform restorations with aesthetically pleasing results, the cosmetic dentist got more tools and knowledge to achieve better results.

While planning a case, cosmetic dentists will not only look at your teeth but the whole picture. Moreover, they take into consideration more complex aspects, such as your face shape, your gums, your smile line, and the size, position, and your teeth balance.

What procedures can a cosmetic dentist perform?  

The variety of procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist is diverse. Ranging from a simple dental whitening to a more complex digital smile design, your cosmetic dentist is trained to do everything related to improving your teeth aesthetics, such as:

Dental whitening

This treatment consists of lightening the color of your teeth by applying a gel-like product over them. These products contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as their active compound. Peroxide atoms are small enough to penetrate the enamel and dentin, reaching the pigments trapped inside your teeth. This causes an oxidation reaction that results in pigment elimination and the lightening of the tooth color. However, whitening products are unable to change the color of preexisting restorations. Therefore, a whitening procedure is not recommended if you have a restoration in a visible area, such as the incisors and canines.

Diastema closure

Gaps between teeth are common among many people. They affect your looks if they are visible. Although they are normal in kids with primary dentition and necessary for an aligned eruption of permanent teeth, these gaps need to be closed if present in an adult. An orthodontist can fix a crooked smile and move the whole dentition back to its rightful place. However, sometimes the problem is just a tiny gap between your incisors, and recurring to your cosmetic dentist can be more than enough. In said cases, the cosmetic dentist is trained to close the diastema by filling the gap using composite or veneers while making the teeth look natural. Moreover, hiding the fact that there’s a restoration between them.

Aesthetic restorations

Cavity filling is a routine procedure performed daily by general and cosmetic dentists. However, a cosmetic dentist will pay more attention to the little details. Moreover, they use specialized sets of tools to make sure the filling anatomy matches perfectly the anatomy of the natural tooth. Cosmetic dentists use high-quality composites and additional materials such as dental tints to perform restorations. Sometimes they mimic natural dentition to the point where it is impossible to spot the difference between the natural tooth and the filling material.

If the cavity is too extensive, they can perform inlay or Onlay restorations. These restorations involve taking a dental impression or digital scan to craft the restoration outside the mouth and then bond it over the teeth. Moreover, they often use materials with better aesthetic qualities such as ceramics and porcelain.

Veneers and digital smile design

Sometimes the problem is not only the color or position but the whole shape of the teeth. The cosmetic dentist can design veneers to be bonded over your anterior teeth to change the shape and even the color of your teeth, directly affecting the way your smile looks.

They can use the latest technologies to scan your mouth and teeth and digitally plan and design the case. In this regard, CAD/CAM technology has rapidly improved the way cosmetic dentistry works.

CAD systems allow the dentist to plan everything from the computer, making every adjustment necessary while predicting the results. This also allows dentists to show you how your teeth will look like, letting you participate in the design process.

Meanwhile, CAM technology can be used to mill the restorations in the clinic without the need of delivering the case to an outside laboratory. Therefore, reducing chair time and making the experience more comfortable for you.

Conclusively, attending a general dentist is always a good idea to take care of your overall oral health. Moreover, they can put you on track with the proper specialist you might need. However, if you want to improve your aesthetics, a cosmetic dentist is the best option you have.

You can make an appointment today by getting in touch with us here, where our cosmetic dentist Dr. Wendelschafer will take special care of your case. Taking into consideration every tiny detail to ensure you the most positive outcome, improving your looks, and achieving the smile you deserve.