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What Makes A Dentist Gentle?

What Makes A Dentist Gentle?

Finding A Gentle Dentist In Surprise, AZ

Finding a comfortable and quality dental care office can be a challenge nowadays. The competition, insurances, and prices among professionals can make your dental experiences a nightmare if you are not in the right place. More importantly, having a gentle and emphatic professional team represents a chief improvement in your dental care. At Great Smiles Dental Care we are lucky to have Dr. Eric Wendelschafer who has often been regarded as the most gentle dentist in the greater Surprise, AZ area.

The advantages of a comfortable and gentle dental practice:

For decades, the dental practice has been surrounded by anxiety, nervousness, stress, and even fear of the dentist and the treatments they provide. Most patients come to the office due to toothache, pain, discomfort, or other displeasing symptoms. As a result, there is a strong relationship between dental care and uncomfortable situations. 

Moreover, there is an increasing rate of phobias and fears related to dental instruments and treatments. These phycological aspects are mainly caused by previous negative experiences and represent an impediment in dental treatment. This tendency can turn into more complex and severe oral problems that can compromise your oral and general health in the long run.

Therefore, there is an inherent responsibility in every dental practice that involves an emphatic and cautious treatment meant to eliminate negative experiences, avoid discomfort, and enhance your general experience.

What should you look for?

Fortunately, most licensed dentists are well-prepared, trained, and experienced under the highest standards of contemporary dentistry. Moreover, the appropriate dental practice will be prepared to deal with multiple oral problems and circumstances that you might have. However, you need to be aware of some signs that can lead you to the gentle dentist you need.

The following are some features that you should be looking for: 

Find a licensed and experienced professional team

Having clinical experience is an enormous advantage in dentistry. It provides the team with powerful tools to deal with complications and know how to avoid them. Moreover, a well-trained and cohesive dental team will work efficiently and flawlessly. Also, avoid non-licensed dentist practices, as licensing is a notorious sign of preparations and legality.

Look for a dentist that focuses on problem-solving

Sadly, dentistry is simultaneously a business and a service. Thereby, some professionals emphasize the type of treatment they provide and not the solution that you need. A gentle dentist will provide you a wide variety of options adapted to your needs, budget, and availability. In essence, your treatment must be completely customized and made to your fit.

Find a specialist

Some treatments are better in the hands of a specialist. If you know the source of your problems, try to attend a multidisciplinary dental clinic that allows you to receive the appropriate assessment and treatment possible. At Great Smiles Dental Care we specialize in a wide-variety of dental procedures so you can always feel like you are being taken care of by our comprehensive team.

Kindness and comfort

A gentle dentist will focus on improving your treatment experience throughout your whole rehabilitation. Kindness, modesty, and sympathy are the human qualities that you should look for in your dentist. With a gentle dental practice, you will find a place of comfort and amenity.

Find family-oriented dental practices 

Many dental practices are focused on family treatment and your general wellbeing. At Great Smiles Dental Care we are one of those offices, we always put our patient needs first and focus on cultivating a welcoming environment. Dr. Wendelschafer is widely regarded as an especially gentle and caring dentist. Click here to learn more about Dr. Wendleschafer!