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10 Important Questions To Ask Your Dentist

10 Important Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Questions to ask your dentist

Frank communication with your doctor is essential for correct medical diagnosis. There’s only so much the internet can teach, and therefore, on your next dentist visit make sure to ask your physician the following questions to get professional advice in person.

  1. What is the correct way of flossing?

Flossing is an intimidating task for many, and there is a lot of false information related to it out there. But it is very important to floss, as not doing it every day can cause a build-up of plaque, an increase in toxic bacteria, and formation of tartar leading to cavities and gum diseases. Therefore, it is vital to get a quick tutorial from your dentist on how to floss correctly. 

  1. What products should I use?

With so many dental care products on the market, how do you know which are the right ones for you? Ask your dentist for recommendations! They can suggest toothbrushes based on the kind of bristles good for your teeth, a toothpaste based on your fluoride needs, and suggest whether you should use mouthwash or not.

  1. Do I need to change my diet? 

What we eat and drink affects our teeth. People with sensitivity should avoid aerated drinks, sweetened coffee, slushies, etc. People with braces should avoid items like nuts, candies, and chips. Based on the nutrition your teeth and gums need, a dentist can suggest dietary changes.

  1. How to brush correctly?

Brushing has been a part of our daily routine for years, but are we doing it correctly? Brushing too hard or for too long can cause damage. Brushing before breakfast could be redundant and brushing immediately after dinner is not recommended. So why not let your dentist guide you about the correct way to brush your teeth, a way which will help you reach every part of your mouth properly within 3 mins? 

  1. How often should I get a dental check-up?

Based on your teeth’s unique situation, your dentist can determine how often you should visit them, either for a regular check-up or a professional cleaning.

  1. Do I have any oral health conditions or need any treatments?

While dentists are more than likely to inform you of any conditions themselves, it never harms to ask this question yourself. It will show your dentist that you are willing to take steps for bettering your oral health. 

  1. What are your payment policies?

Don’t feel shy asking about the fees and other costs at the beginning of your visit or treatment itself. Also, ask how they handle insurance claims, and have any payment plans and preferred methods.

  1. How do you keep yourself updated with the new developments in dentistry?

The medical field is ever-evolving, and therefore doctors need to keep themselves and their clinics updated. Ask your doctor if they attend medical conferences and are in touch with the new technologies and treatments in the field, as well as are aware of all the amended guidelines by the American Dental Association.

  1. Do I need a full-body health check-up?

Your mouth is the window to your overall health. And just by peeking inside it, dentists can judge certain things about your physical health. They can know whether you are a smoker, have eating disorders or vitamin deficiencies, are pregnant, or have any other health issues. Therefore, at the end of your dental visit don’t forget to ask your dentist if there’s anything you should be discussing with your family doctor. 

  1. What areas do you specialize in?

Just like surgeons, the field of dentistry also has specializations like Endodontics, Orthodontics, and Periodontics. So, just like you would visit a cardiologist for any heart conditions and a gynecologist to get an informed opinion on your reproductive health, why not visit an endodontist for getting a root canal and a periodontist for your gum-related concerns.

Bonus Question: Can you provide testimonials from satisfied clients?